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5 Nigerian Indie comics you should know of

When you ask the average Nigerian about comics, the first word you would get out of their mouth is Super Stykers. While the franchise may have dominated the Nigerian comic book industry for more than a decade, a lot of indie comics have sprung out with the aim to bring diversity to the industry. Although notable companies like Vortex and EXO have delivered familiar content for sometime now, they're still some amazing comics (or comics to be) lying in the corners of the internet and these are a few of them.

5. ORUN: A Graphic Novel

Created by Michael Rhima and Desmond Inwang, Orun is a comic based on the Yoruba mythology of the Orishas (gods). It narrates the story of a girl who encounters the various Orishas within Orun (heaven) and Aye(earth) itself as she journeys on her quest to bring back her lost brother. With a thrilling blend of myth and modern, Orun explores different worlds and dives deep into the essence of the Yoruba culture. It also touches on modern topics from faith to feminism and explores the themes of life, death and religion. The creators plan to release a full graphic novel of this franchise, with possibly a prequel to explain the role of the Orishas and give an understanding of the concepts of this mythology. So far, a 10 page intro has been posted up on its facebook page.


According to the writer, Black Sage is an 8-pager mini series that focuses on the innate desire of the common man to deliver justice to the corrupt individuals. Black Sage hunts down corrupt citizens of Nigeria and offers them the opportunity to make things right. When they don’t, he delivers judgement-day to them on earth. The world of Black Sage is one of justice and immediate judgement.

Little is known of this comic since is promotion sometime back, hopefully the author is still at the kitchen cooking up this awesome piece.

3. Outcast of Jupiter

This is another of those times I lose words when it comes to any art done by Kenneth Coker. This African space like comic blows minds with every page. Thankfully, issue one was released for free (check the link above) online and it exceeded expectations. Stay tuned to this amazing franchise.


This story revolves around a young boy’s quest to become an Arch-7evener, the highest honor bestowed on a 7evener in the Nkarim county. Thought the exact plot of this comic is still a mystery to most, one can't deny the beautiful landscapes art and amazing perspective shots by the artist. You can check out a few pages of this comic on link above.


The online peoples choice!!! Created by fan favorite artist and friend of mine Collyde, Misfit is just one bad ass Nigerian Ghetto comic anyone could come across. It REPS to the core and doesn't hold back on its violence, nudity and language. As of now this comic does not seem to have a concrete plot set out, but to be honest, when you have such grittiness rendered amazingly you start to forget about a story. I mean, we didnt care about plot when watching John Wick shot those mafias did we?

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